Holy Spirit..Here to Stay

People come and go. Sometimes it’s great to welcome some people into your life. There are some people who the very thought of them leaving my life reduces me literally to tears because of the value, friendship, support and bond that is in that relationship. Anyhow…the comings and goings of life is part of life and brings with it uncertainty. But, not if you have the Holy Spirit!

Battling Fears…

As I mulled over this, I was reminded of my times at one of the further education colleges here in the UK. I was studying there just before embarking on my journey as a nurse. There were times when I really despaired of life in general. I found it overwhelming, challenging. Many times I would literally go up to the highest floor in our college. On the bricked seats, I would sit and peer out of the window onto the campus below. I worried about life and the future. I spent ages up there trying to reassure myself that everything was going to alright.

The Holy Spirit is The Comforter

Do you know no matter how many times you try to self sooth and self affirm, there are times when you come to the end of yourself and your own resources? Even though I’d leave that place partly reassured, in my heart I knew that I had left with wishful thinking. There was really no real proof or assurance that all was going to be well.

A Life Changing Meeting…

Well…..today I am celebrating one of the most important comings into my life of all! Today, 34 years ago, the Lord Jesus came into my life AND I was baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues (Act 2). I had the most life changing and significant experience of all!

I was so radically changed that my mother literally thought I was on drugs or had joined a cult of some kind. She was later to realise that I had simply encountered the mercy and the grace of God in the most amazing way. That was the most precious comings I have every known. AND …..there was no going…no leaving… the Lord Jesus Himself said ‘Never will I leave you nor forsake you…lo, I am with you even until the end of the age..!’(Matt 28:20)

Holy Spirit – Remedy for Life

So back to my story of my time at the further education college, well one day, completely out of the blue, the Lord Jesus took me back to that place in my memory. It was as though I was transported back into time and was sat there on that brick wall… I could see myself fretting and agonising about the future. And then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said ‘ Never again will you be in that place, seated alone worrying about your life, your future, your family…you will never be alone for I AM with you and will never leave you nor forsake you!’

The Holy Spirit is as a dove

Blessed Assurance

Wow! How’s that for a real assurance and blessing. Though there are still fun and games in life, for Jesus said on this earth we will have challenges, (John 16:33) however, we know He has overcome the world. Therefore, the self-soothing and self- affirmation days are gone.. Me coming to the end of my own resources, strength and wisdom…that’s all done! I now turn to One who is infinite, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and yet closer to each one of us than any brother (Proverbs 18;24)..I know that His assurance is not based on wishful thinking, but facts for He has good plans for us and is completely in control.

Holy Spirit? So What?

As I continue to celebrate this special day , and in essence pick up again my dear blog According to Vi, I want to leave you with this last thought about leadership and life in the 21st Century . You too can walk hand in hand with One who is 100% on your side and will never leave your side. Just ask! Well that’s….
According to Vi xx

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