Want to be Punctual? Aim to be Early…not just on Time!

HI All, this week, I agreed to share some tips on how to be punctual. Well, I will give you a taster tonight and the rest next week! I want to give you food for thought based on an important point told to me about time keeping. Someone once said, “If you are on time….then you are late!” That absolutely changed the way I saw timekeeping…. I learnt that if you are aiming to be on time, its likely that something will scupper your plans and you will be late. If you aim to be early… then if the unexpected happens, then it is likely you will still be on time.… so my first and most important tips for improving your punctuality:

  1. Aim to be early.  I have learnt to aim to be at my venue or event  by 20-30 minutes ahead of schedule..(hmm…not always achieving it but on a positive journey!). You can do this by recording into your diary the time of the event being 20-30 minutes ahead of the actual time. You can try setting your clock and watch early by 15 minutes. To help me along the way to be punctual,  I create an added incentive outlined in number 2.
  2. Timekeeping for leaders starts early!
    © Oleg Zyablikov

    Personal treats for being early. In order to encourage myself to get somewhere earlier, I factor in certain incentives such as treating myself to breakfast or a quick meal while waiting, taking the opportunity to meet  someone I might not have had a chance to meet or using the time to reflect and mentally prepare for the meeting. This has helped enormously and I jealously guard those times when I am early so that I can enjoy the incentive.

  3. Get there in peace. I consider the most peaceful and stress free way to get to my destination.  It might be to travel earlier to miss the crowds, or I may take a taxi part of the way to bypass the elements of the journey which might be stressful. You might consider other ways such as listening to your favourite music or podcast on the way. Whatever makes you enjoy your travel so that you can be punctual in peace.

Next week I will share with other tips for improving your punctuality, but here are a few to chew over!

Until then!!


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