Holy Spirit..Here to Stay

This post shares an encounter with the Holy Spirit where the life of a normal young woman was radically changed. The result an assurance of His presence, friendship and love..essential for life and leadership in the 21st century and beyond.

Leading During Uncertain Times

Leading During Uncertain Times Climate Change Over the last few weeks, I have begun to ponder on leading during uncertain times. Here in the UK, it was beginning to feel like living in the tropics. The green grass has become like straw. Mini fires were breaking out because of the dry ground. The bugs were


Hi All! I mentioned last time I has lost momentum with my blogging. As a result,  I had taken an unscheduled pause in my blogging due primarily to feeling disillusioned, and needing to regroup and refocus. Well, this post tells you how I got momentum back: On my time away, I faced some real home


Hi All!! I’m back!! Well, its been quite a while since I last updated According to Vi.…Why? You might well ask… Well, though I am back on track, I will tell you why the silence…here goes:   LOSING MOMENTUM Have you ever started a project full of enthusiasm, zeal and expectation only to have someone

From Holiday to Chaos

Have you returned from holiday to chaos in the workplace? Tune in soon for my latest blog on ‘From Holiday to Chaos’. I will share with you 7 keys to avoiding the post holiday blues!

What is it with Montblanc pens, anyway?

I love my fountain pens. They’re a bit like being dressed to the hilt, in an expensive evening gown. Lovely slingbacks and accessories! You automatically walk tall, shoulders back, chin up.  Well, fountain pens have a similar effect on my handwriting. With wonderfully crafted nibs, I daren’t write in a sloppy, heavy-handed manner!  So, you

Good timekeeping – 10 keys for Leaders

My goodness, since we last spoke, time has sped by and we are already right in the heart of summer.  Where’s the sun for goodness sake? Over the past week,  I’ve continued to ponder on what works well in helping to improve my timekeeping. .This past week has not been so great due to the

Want to be Punctual? Aim to be Early…not just on Time!

HI All, this week, I agreed to share some tips on how to be punctual. Well, I will give you a taster tonight and the rest next week! I want to give you food for thought based on an important point told to me about time keeping. Someone once said, “If you are on time….then

Timekeeping for Leaders SOS

Ok…. you’re late. People say you are always late, but you know different! You know that you are simply trying to be hyper efficient with your time and to cram in as much activities as you possibly can into a limited window of opportunity. You know you’re trying to help as many people as you

Your Career Pyramid and Five Tips to Help YOU Stay on Top

A  Sad Tale of Self Sabotage I was really sadden to read the newspaper article of the fall of a key leader in health care. Let’s call her Suzie May (not her real name).  Suzy May had climbed to the top of a prestigious career as an executive Accountable Officer of a health care organisation.
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