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Hello World!! It’s Me!

Welcome to my new blog, According to Vi! My musings on 21st century leadership and life in general.  I’ve had so many people over the years ask for my views on this, that and the other, that I thought it would be fun – and hopefully inspiring – to share my thoughts on life and leadership with you.

Who Am I?

I’m Vi Thomas. I am one of four children born to the best parents of all. I’m a nurse, author, mentor, leader, singer, speaker, lecturer but most importantly a daughter, sister, Auntie and friend.

21st Century Leadership

I’ve a wide range of interests : antiques, netball, informative reality TV (eg, The Apprentice) and vintage fun TV (eg. Only Fools and Horses). I love a real laugh and have an interesting sense of humour, often triggered by Jack Dee or the old Carry On movie stars. I love the finer things, such as going to the ballet, theatre, art galleries… so hopefully this blog will reflect a wide array of interests and experiences.


Why Now?

According to Vi is launched today on my second birthday! Over 30 years ago today, 11th June, I became a born-again Christian – an absolutely life-changing experience and a game changer. Trust me, nothing has stayed the same since. It sure helped shape my views on a number of things though, it’s fair to say, I’m still a work in progress – as you will soon realise as you read.

It’s important to note that the views shared here in According to Vi are my own unless otherwise stated. I’m always open to healthy debate and challenge, so feel free to comment and pose your questions.


21st Century Leadership and life musings begins here...
A work in progress


What’s it All About?

I will focus on 21st Century Leadership and Life.

Why life? Because it’s sure getting freaky out there, and I hope to present a slightly different perspective to some of the goings on!

Why 21st Century Leadership? I’ve been a leader in the nursing profession and in my church for over 30 years, so trust me… there’re a few stories and gems of wisdom to share from all that.

Why me? Well, why not? Every man, woman and child is having their say on the Internet, and I’m sure there’s room for one more. Why not have my voice and opinion out there, too?


And Finally…

I invite you all to join me on my weekly blog about life and leadership! Out every Wednesday to give you mid week inspiration and food for thought! Let me know what you think, and if you like it…. spread the word and ….speak again on Wednesday!! Please also sign up  to receive the blog mailed directly to your inbox,  and special offers!! Don’t miss out on According to Vi now!



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