Hi All! I mentioned last time I has lost momentum with my blogging. As a result,  I had taken an unscheduled pause in my blogging due primarily to feeling disillusioned, and needing to regroup and refocus. Well, this post tells you how I got momentum back:

On my time away, I faced some real home truths, I realised there were 5 key things I needed to do:


I began to reflect on what is success within the context of my blog? This question was key in my case. The number of Instagram followers or Twitter followers?  Joint ventures I sign up to? I had not defined success therefore I compared myself to others and consequently I was discouraged.  We are told not to  despise ‘the days of small things’. So it was essential to celebrate my baby steps and be inspired by those who are role modelling success.

I’ve now defined success for me, and am soooo happy to be able to sow something of value to anyone who will benefit. Please note though, I am NOT knocking those who have a different success criteria to my own. Whichever way we define success, we should celebrate each other’s achievement regardless. I found this particularly liberating. It also helped to eliminate one of the many ‘things’ which had cut across me…the fear of failure.

gaining momentum and fun
Finding your way back on track


I had to remind myself why I am doing this. Millions or handfuls of people changed by my blog would be great. In addition, I do feel regardless of age, creed or gender we all have something of value for someone to hear anywhere in the world. So that has re-energise my blogging. Now, I focus and have  a clear purpose.  Competing is avoided.


I had not identified the typical readers for my blog, and to some extent I was trying to reach out to all and sundry. It hard to be all things to all men, therefore by being niche, I will ensure a more targeted blog.


I realised that I was being unrealistic in what I was hoping to achieved within a short period of time. A more balanced timescale was essential and an annual work-plan would really help to keep momentum. Now, as a result, whenever I start to blog, I have a clearly and more do-able schedule, and timetable.


I am a part time blogger, blogging on top of a manic and hectic day job, and other commitments. It is easy to lose momentum. On the plus side it gives me a wider pool of experience and life lessons to pull from and blog about however, it could drive you bonkers juggling several balls. Again, setting boundaries and a clear annual work-plan helps. Also, it forces me to leave work on time so that my dear blog doesn’t suffer! (I’m still struggling to do that though!!).

These five key steps helped me to get back on track. I have since committed to a personal coach who will also help me to keep going! So, if you are flagging in a key project be it personal or professional consider these principles:

  • Take time out to reflect
  • Be honest with yourself as to what the issues are
  • Clarify what success will look like for you
  • Clarify what your purpose is, most importantly, your why?
  • Decide who your target audience/end users are
  • In your diary, ring-fence the days/evenings you hope to work on your initiative
  • Protect that time at all costs, more so until you have completed the project.
  • Finally…enjoy!

Do let me know how you get on. Until next time then!




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