Hi All!! I’m back!! Well, its been quite a while since I last updated According to Vi.…Why? You might well ask… Well, though I am back on track, I will tell you why the silence…here goes:



Have you ever started a project full of enthusiasm, zeal and expectation only to have someone and something cut right across you? Well, that ‘something’ cut right across me! It was a mixture of ‘somethings’ to be fair. It started when I decided to attend a conference for bloggers. There I was surrounded by young bloggers, who were fashionable, trendy, ambitious, energetic , skilled in the internet, and full of hope and promise. Normally that would simply inspire me and spur me on towards my own goal with the view, ‘If they can…so can I”. But for some reason, having heard of the number of followers they had on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and the number of joint ventures they have up their sleeves…I felt somewhat deflated and began to question myself.



I was not within their age group, being more akin to their parents’ generation. I was struggling to make sure the ‘frump factor’ had not taken hold fashion wise. Though I was still ambitious, that wasn’t always matched with the energy. Though I had the hope and promise, I lacked the skills and knowledge. Consequently, I was not seeing any real progress to my own blog. I had  put heart and soul into it but there was simply no real activity and I was quite disillusioned. Yes, there had been visits from friends but no signs of new visitors beyond that.

Leaders back on track
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These young and dynamic bloggers were very positive to me as a Newbie and provided me with hints and tips based on their experience. I did go away and tweak my blog…but something else cut right across me as well as the discouragement. That enemy to achievement called ‘Self doubt’ jumped on my shoulder and began chatting a whole load of nonsense right into my ear! There is one thing having a bird landing on your head…a completely different thing allowing it to build a darn nest! That bird of ‘Self doubt’ began to build a nest right there and then. Before I knew it several months had passed and no new posts! How was I to get back on track?



My questions to you are these:

  • Can you recall starting something full of hope and promise and then for some reason losing momentum and grinding to a halt?
  • Have you stopped, reflected and analysed why?
  • What  positive steps have you taken to get going and keep going?

I’ve found that to get back on track, I have had to address the above questions.



This month, I went away for a few days for a period of prayer and reflection, I was reminded of an age old Biblical passage “You were running a good race…what and who cut in on you and stopped you ..?” A young church in Galatia was making really good progress and then all of a sudden something cut across them.   They began to stop running,  lost heart and focus. They were encouraged to reflect on how well they were doing and reflect on what it was that cut across them. It was essential they did this as their faith and destinies depended on them getting back on track.

To get back on track with my blog, I had to face some home truths. I was intimidated by the youthfulness, knowledge and success of the new and younger generation of bloggers that I had met.  Whilst I was inspired to make some changes to my blog – nine months later I hadn’t put pen to paper. The overriding feeling was discouragement. Why did that have such an impact? I now think that as you mature in life, there is a feeling of being left behind, being irrelevant and being a bit of a ‘has been’. I had to admit that was how I felt being a woman over 40 and more their mothers’ age than their own. In my next post, I’ll tell you what I did to overcome these feelings!!

Speak then!!


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