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From Holiday to Chaos

Have you returned from holiday to chaos in the workplace? Tune in soon for my latest blog on ‘From Holiday to Chaos’. I will share with you 7 keys to avoiding the post holiday blues!

Want to be Punctual? Aim to be Early…not just on Time!

HI All, this week, I agreed to share some tips on how to be punctual. Well, I will give you a taster tonight and the rest next week! I want to give you food for thought based on an important point told to me about time keeping. Someone once said, “If you are on time….then

Your Career Pyramid and Five Tips to Help YOU Stay on Top

A  Sad Tale of Self Sabotage I was really sadden to read the newspaper article of the fall of a key leader in health care. Let’s call her Suzie May (not her real name).  Suzy May had climbed to the top of a prestigious career as an executive Accountable Officer of a health care organisation.
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