Month: July 2018

Leading During Uncertain Times

Leading During Uncertain Times Climate Change Over the last few weeks, I have begun to ponder on leading during uncertain times. Here in the UK, it was beginning to feel like living in the tropics. The green grass has become like straw. Mini fires were breaking out because of the dry ground. The bugs were


Hi All! I mentioned last time I has lost momentum with my blogging. As a result,  I had taken an unscheduled pause in my blogging due primarily to feeling disillusioned, and needing to regroup and refocus. Well, this post tells you how I got momentum back: On my time away, I faced some real home


Hi All!! I’m back!! Well, its been quite a while since I last updated According to Vi.…Why? You might well ask… Well, though I am back on track, I will tell you why the silence…here goes:   LOSING MOMENTUM Have you ever started a project full of enthusiasm, zeal and expectation only to have someone
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